Play your favorite PC games on TV

Your PC turns into a Streaming Host.


Gameflix combines the ultimate
experience of PC computing and smart TV visual quality

Using your PC CPU/GPU to run games and stream to your TV with limited delay


video game library manager

works on Windows, Mac, and Linux supports AMD and Intel GPUs, along with Nvidia stream to multiple clients


Play your PC games on any TV

Android TV, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, VIDAA ( Hisense, TCL ) and VIZIO



We support all popular controllers like the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 controllers.


Business model – free to play

We are a B2C free-to-play Game hub. We do not charge end users to play games.

What is Gameflix Gamecast gaming?

Gameflix Game Streaming: Play Your PC Games Remotely
Gameflix allows you to play your PC games on almost any device, whether you're in another room or miles away from your gaming rig.

Is Gameflix Gamecast better than parsec?

Latency and Responsiveness

This makes it the first choice for fast-paced games and competitive gaming. While Gameflix’s focus is on quality, it also provides a low-latency stream and near-native experience, especially if you're streaming on the same network. Overall, it feels just a tad less responsive than Parsec.

Do you need a PC for Gameflix?

What devices can I run Gameflix on? We have official clients for Windows, macOS, Linux, Tizen, Android, Amazon Fire tablets and TVs, iOS, Apple TV, and VIDAA.

Is Gameflix Gamecast faster than Steam Link?

With Steamlink I get a very *playable* experience with sub-par visual quality and very bad latency (80-150ms). Enough latency that it's noticeable if you move a character in Hogwarts Legacy or even Octopath Traveler 2 you notice the delay. With Gameflix I get flawless visuals, absolutely crisp, and 1-3ms latency.

How does Gameflix game streaming work?

Essentially, Gameflix is like your own personal Xbox Cloud Gaming. Instead of streaming games from Amazon or Microsoft's servers, you stream from your PC. And instead of paying extra to stream the content, you can stream the games you already own as much as you like for free.


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